Born in Texas, this cowboy came into the world on his own terms and not much has changed there. Jacob has always loved music.  Growing up listening to everything from rock n roll, blues, country, and oldies, Jacob can play and sing to just about anything.

He’s spent the last 15 years living and making his home in Austin, TX.  He has worked hard on honing not only his vocals but his songwriting.  Jacob’s last album, Wineskin, was released in 2016.  But his much anticipated new album, Blanca Flor, is in the works for being released in the Fall of 2021.

Over the years Jacob has played with a number of bands.  From drumming to vocals, he’s gained a following and some fine skills in the music industry.

Prior to flying solo, Jacob’s band was the Ghosts Along the Brazos. Their album was released in 2011 and he wrote 90% of the songs recorded on it.

Some of the other bands he’s played with include: Marshall Ford Swing Band & Marijuana Sweet Tooth.

His latest project is working on his new album that will include more folk ballads.




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